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It was at first a challenge to even get to Maine! The COVID-19 virus tossed up many a roadblock to our visit. How blessed we were as we entered the doors to Lovejoy Cottage! Clean, tidy, welcoming and oh so peaceful. It was obvious that great care was taken to make visitors feel at home. The weather co-operated and even the remnants of the tropical storm Isaias did not disappoint — some rain, but high winds which were of no consequence — the cottage proved noise-proof and secure.

Susan and Alan and whatever services they employ really know their stuff and we were the beneficiaries of it. Whoever follows us, we hope your stay was as good as ours.

P.S. thank you for well stocked towels!

We also hope you enjoy the cormorants that love to hang out on the dock, the bald eagles that fly overhead, and hummingbirds that frequent the flowers on the deck.